The Gran Hotel Puente Colgante in Portugalete, Vizcaya, surprises with all its renovated spaces.

In any season of the year, we always want to have in mind beautiful hotels that can serve as a refuge when we have the opportunity for a getaway. Today, we focus on the Gran Hotel Puente Colgante in Portugalete, Vizcaya, which has renovated its spaces, paying special attention to the floors, including both the rooms and the common areas.

The Adore vinyl flooring brand, distributed in Spain by Gabarró Hermanos, is one of the most appreciated within the Contract sector, especially in the decoration of hotels and restaurants. The technical and design qualities of this flooring make it highly recommended for areas where a balanced combination of comfort and aesthetics is required, and it has been precisely chosen for this project.

The design company Construcción Bilbao 2018, responsible for the redecoration of the hotel in Vizcaya, has opted for this latest-generation collection of vinyl floors, which includes a system that provides greater rigidity against small irregularities and ensures perfect rest because it incorporates the IXPE silence blanket, which offers comfort and convenience when walking and reduces noise by 20 decibels.

Specifically, over 1800 square meters of vinyl flooring with a Setubal Oak finish have been installed, which, as you can see in the photos, fits perfectly with the decoration needs proposed for the entire hotel. The aim was to achieve a colonial and Cuban style, achieved perfectly thanks to the beautiful oak tones that blend with the furniture and design elements.

The qualities of the Monarch range from Adore Floors are highly appreciated in hotel interior design and in the Contract sector. Another advantage of this flooring is its easy installation. Its placement is quick, clean, and simple, shortening renovation times, which are crucial when carrying out works in commercial spaces and the hospitality sector. And it must be acknowledged that spaces benefit greatly when both the furniture and the flooring are renewed. What do you think of the result?