The best and fastest renovations with experts in Bilbao

Alexander N. Menendez Glez. is 48 years old and was born in Bilbao. He has been working in this demanding but attractive world of construction, building, renovation, and rehabilitation practically all his life, so to speak.

And it hasn’t been a solo effort; Construcciones Bilbao-Norte is a project integrated by the best multidisciplinary team in the entire sector.

They have a team and a project that evolves better each day, earning daily recognition from their clients, many of whom have been relying on them for a long time. Specializing in construction, building, renovation, and rehabilitation, but advancing towards new possibilities that have allowed the company to experience significant growth.

They have achieved tremendous recognition in areas such as interior and exterior renovations of premises, luxury homes, high-end hotels, restaurants, geriatric residences, student accommodations, among others.

Interestingly, as often happens, they started in this sector almost by chance, as it was not a direct choice. It was a challenging beginning, and constant reinvention allowed them to maintain the conviction towards the consolidation of a dream that they continue to materialize to this day.

How long does a kitchen renovation usually take? Based on common work.

We do them very well, both individually and as part of larger projects within the home, of course. As for the execution work without considering manufacturing times, it usually takes about a week, referring only to the work done at the residence and assuming we already have the necessary materials.

What factors increase the final cost of comprehensive renovations?

Los costes que más suelen encarecer una obra normalmente son las propias calidades por las que se pueda inclinar nuestro cliente y, por supuesto, los defectos ocultos a resolver en cualquier obra. Planificamos con mucho cuidado en un principio para que el proyecto se desarrolle sin contratiempos.

What does the comprehensive renovation service include?

Literally turnkey, advisory service, and finished construction on-site. We take care of absolutely everything, from start to finish. We take into account the client’s vision, involve them in the process, and tailor our services to their requirements, always ready to make recommendations when necessary.Principio del formulario

Why is it better to hire our company for a comprehensive home renovation? What advantages do we offer?

We offer advisory services, direct supply from the factory to the construction site with the highest quality materials, and installation with our guarantee and expertise. We are the leading company in our sector in Bilbao and Bizkaia for a reason. Our best advertisement is our work; our clients contact us and have known us for many years.